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About Us

Aarati Bhatia Career Consultant empowers individuals through personalized guidance for personal and professional growth. We assist in informed decision-making, utilizing assessments and counseling to uncover strengths and passions. Collaborating with parents, we create a supportive environment for educational and career choices. Our dedication to guiding students extends to higher education and vocational training, ensuring confidence in navigating the competitive job market. Your dreams are our priority at Aarati Bhatia Career Consultant, where we strive to lead you toward a bright and promising career journey.

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Aarati Bhatia, founder of Aarati Bhatia Consultants, is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals. With a background in management, counseling, and HR, she emphasizes the importance of education in making informed decisions for a fulfilling career. Aarati, an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, has over 12 years of diverse work experience. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys sketching, traveling, exploring cities, listening to music, trying different cuisines, and making new friends. Education, she believes, is the key to acquiring knowledge and improving skills for career growth.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to illuminate paths to personal and professional success. We empower individuals to embrace their talents and make informed career decisions. Revolutionizing counseling, we provide personalized guidance, fostering confident, well-rounded individuals ready for the job market. Our goal is to be the most trusted career consulting service, witnessing dreams turn into achievements. We contribute to a world where everyone thrives in fulfilling careers."

Our Mission

"Empowering individuals to reach their career aspirations, we provide personalized guidance based on unique interests, skills, and values. Beyond counseling, we foster personal growth and resilience, aiming to see our clients thrive in fulfilling careers with confidence and purpose."

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